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Custom and Standard Batteries and Smart Chargers. 
Low Cost, Light Weight and Long Life.
Lead Acid, NiCad, Lithium-Ion, Lithium-Polymer, and more...
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Piezo Sirens, Electric Buzzers & Sounders (Transducers), and Piezo Ceramic Elements.
Magnetic Buzzers, Mini Microphones, and Mylar & Horn Speakers.
SMD Acoustic Elements and more!
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Military and hospital grade design, test and manufacturing. Oil drilling and deep drill grades including deep well test chamber. Engineering design worksheet to assist on new designs. Transducer assembly. Our Manufacturer has over a dozen awards for ceramic design and technology breakthroughs.
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AC Tube Axial, Cross Flow, External Rotor, Duct, and Roof Fans
Accessories: Guards, Filters, Plug Cords, and Duct Rings
Standard or Custom Design
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Machine, Wood, Standard and Custom Screws.
Washers, Springs, Nuts and Rivets.
Retractable style screws and fasteners. 
Pull/Folding Handles
Custom parts design and manufacturing.
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Nylon, Metal, and Plastic Cable Glands
Fire Retardant, Waterproof
Plastic and Metal Conduits and Fittings
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Rubber Parts
Many Material Options: Silicone, NBR, Viton (impervious to diesel) and more…
Insert molding and Stamped Sheets
Secondary Operations: Adding Adhesives, Markings, etc…
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Tactile, Dip, Micro, Slide, Rocker, Toggle, Push, Multi-Color LED Options
Panel Mount, PCB Mount
Rotary Encoder
IP Rated Waterproof, and more...
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