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Holmgren Associates Adds a New Addition to the Line Card

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Edgewood Manufacturing Inc.

Edgewood is a family owned and operated modern machine shop located just 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Edgewood has built a name for themselves over the past 25 years. They have a variety of machining and assembly capabilities and work with various materials including most plastics.

To learn more about Edgewood feel free to contact us or visit their website.

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Standard Gerber is now technologically obsolete.

As the developer and custodian of the Gerber format, Ucamco has announced the following to the Gerber User Community: 

Despite its name, Standard Gerber is not a defined standard for PCB data transfer. Units and aperture definitions, rather than being governed by a recognisable standard, are transmitted in informal documents which are open to interpretation. As a result, Standard Gerber files cannot be machine-read in a standardized, reliable way. Standard Gerber requires aperture painting and copper pours, both of which create manual work in CAM, adding cost, delay and risk to the PCB manufacturing process. Standard Gerber does not support attributes.

Standard Gerber no longer complies with the Gerber specification, and has been fully superseded by the current Extended Gerber format. Extended Gerber files ARE machine readable, they DO NOT require painting, and they DO support attributes. Virtually all software can read Extended Gerber files, while few of the new implementations can read the older Standard Gerber format.

For this reason, Ucamco's position regarding Gerber is as follows: There is not a single good reason left to use Standard Gerber. If you are still using it, you are exposing your business and that of your clients and partners to needless competitive disadvantage and risk, and you are fully responsible for any issues that might arise as a result of its use.

Ucamco has advised everyone to use Extended Gerber for all operations.

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New Plastic Waterproof Connectors To Provide Long Term Durability

Bobbintron is currently working on a solution to remedy some of the negatives that come with using metal waterproof connectors long term. Throughout the industry there have been complaints about metal waterproof connectors rusting, seizing, and corroding after years of constant exposure to moisture and air. The new plastic waterproof series will be built with a Nylon PA66+Glass Fiber material shell for durability without the long term issues seen with metal connectors.

If you are interested in our newest connector series, please contact us or fill out our Quote Request form

Bobbintron Adds More to It's Medical Portfolio With Medical Grade, ETFE Triple Insulated Teflon Cables

With our latest addition to our capabilities we now offer a unique product that offers reliability and ruggedness to the Medical cable industry.

  • Medical Grade Triple Wire/425 Vrms(600Vpk) can pass 4,700 A.C. Test Voltages
  • 600Vpeak Max for MOPP
  • 1410 Vpeak Max for MOOP
  • Many Color Options
  • ETFE Triple Insulation


VDE License 

EI Microcircuits expands conformal coating capabilities at our Pohl Road location!

We now have two automated, continuous flow production lines that include the following equipment:

  • RTV/Mask dispensing machines
  • Conformal coating equipment
  • Convection ovens
  • An IR oven with humidity control
  • AOI equipment that uses UV light to inspect the coating for coverage. 

This revamped floor space now takes up approximately 3,200 sq. ft. dedicated solely to the conformal coating of board assemblies!

Please contact us for more details on EI Microcircuits and our capabilities.



 Ruggedized KVPX, Meets the Standard in the Most Demanding Applications

Smiths Connectors has announced the newest member of our “Ruggedized Standards” product portfolio, the KVPX (VITA 63) family of ruggedized connectors. VITA 63 is an alternative backplane and daughter card connector solution for OpenVPX™* systems. The VPX product is Hypertronics’ response to the market need for a high reliability connector solution which meets the mechanical footprint and electrical performance of the VITA 46 & VITA 48 (VMEbus Industry Trade Association) specifications, also know as VPX.

KVPX is highly engineered and designed to deliver outstanding performance in the most demanding environmental conditions while providing immunity to the shock and vibration requirements that are associated with mission-critical embedded computing systems in high performance space, military and aerospace applications.

The KVPX product design incorporates the hyperboloid pin and socket technology interfaced to the wafers, resulting in a robust, high speed, and durable interconnect solution for VPX-based PCBs. These components include both the 3U and 6U form factors, which are the standard descriptions of the PCB (printed circuit board) size.

The proven capabilities of Hypertac's state-of-the-art Hyperboloid technology also offers low insertion and extraction forces, low contact resistance, and industry-leading mating cycles. “Hypertac has established a long and proven track record of commitment to designing and delivering the most comprehensive interconnect solutions that the industry can produce, and the KVPX offering is indeed a case in point,” said Vadim Radunsky, President of Hypertronics Corporation. “This is a product offering that fully supports high speed data transfer rates and exceeds minimum VITA requirements as well as meeting footprint requirements on virtually any VITA 46/48 application. In short, KVPX is an innovative Interconnect solution that our military and aerospace customers want. We listen to what they are telling us, and we hear them loud and clear.”

KVPX Application Guide
KVPX High Speed Signal Integrity Report
KVPX Series Brochure


Come Visit Us at MD&M Minneapolis EI Microcircuits Booth #1158

If you like experiencing the latest technology in medical design and manufacturing then join us at the show. 
Click on the invitation to register for your free admission.
The invitation link will also provide more information about the show. 


Capacitor Updates and Notifications

UL 60384-14

In July of 2013, Okaya sent notifications that the marking on our capacitors will be shifting from the standard UL 1414 and UL 1283 to the new UL standard, UL 60384-14. Under the new standard we are also changing the finish on our capacitors. They are going from a smooth, glossy appearance to a frosted appearance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for any information or updates.

Please note: There are no changes regarding specification, performance or materials used.

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