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About Us

Holmgren Associates, 6301 Central Ave Ne, Minneapolis, MN 55432

• We are a manufacturers’ representative firm located in Minneapolis, MN

• Our Coverage includes the MN Chapter of the ERA Territory with capabilities expanding across the US.

• We endorse an FOE (Firm of Endearment) philosophy in all of our business relationships.

• Custom and modified circuit board assemblies and fabrication are our specialty.

• 50% of our business is in the medical market.

• We have capabilities to take a project from concept through the completion of the final product.

• We have International Purchasing/Engineering Offices in Taiwan for offshore sourcing.


Our Philosophy

Selling is our livelihood. We define ourselves as problem solvers. As professionals, we devote our knowledge and experience to the service of others. We recognize our obligation to build and strengthen the bridges in the manufacturing world. We are confident in our knowledge of our capabilities and excel in the ability to find the best solution for our customers’ needs. Honesty, integrity, trust and believing in ourselves are the key elements for others believing in us. We are proud to be a part of a profession in which our success depends on our initiative and our greatest reward is our association with others. We realize the Gold Standard of our profession rises continually and we exalt in our hard-earned ability to constantly live up to its challenge.


Major Customer Coverage

Different companies have different needs, challenges, and ideals. We work diligently to understand each customer and principal. As our understanding grows, and our principals’ capabilities expand, so do the opportunities to earn business. We have extensive experience working with Start Ups to Fortune 500 companies. There is no such thing as too small or too big.


Global Sourcing / Engineering Design and Service

Our International Purchasing and Engineering Offices are located in Taipei, Taiwan at the Bobbintron World Headquarters. Operating seamlessly in Asia requires the flexibility and ability for relationships to adapt to the cultural norms while integrating your own company’s culture. The Bobbintron Team has developed this specific skill set over many years in business.

BEC Bobbintron Electrical Corp

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